General instructions for system
    You can create four different types of assessments with the AutoTutor Lite system that vary in their level of interactivity and feedback. Fill in the blank and matching assessment types provide minimal interactivity and no feedback. These questions are useful for creating a quick assessment that targets basic inert knowledge.  The Essay and Multiple choice tabs can provide more in depth assessments that allow for interaction and feedback.
    The “Essay” option allows you to create a simple tutorial interaction on your topic. This option allows you to create an interaction on your topic where the learner is forced to articulate their own knowledge while being given hints by the system.
    The multiple choice option allows you to create questions that provide a range of interactive levels. At the low range you can create a question with a correct answer and incorrect options. However, the system also allows you to build in hints and feedback for each choice. This allows you to target and potentially correct misconceptions in the learner.