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Information Delivery

Information Delivery

Description: The information delivery tab is where you will do the majority of your authoring. Here you can create your slides, enter the text the avatar will speak, enter the text you would like displayed, rearrange your slides, and add reflections. 

To add a scene click on the "Add Scene" button. This will give you a new blank slide where you can place your content.

Description: You can rearrange the order of your slides by using these slide order arrows. 

Description: You can delete a slide by selecting it and then pressing the "Delete" button. 

The content tab is where you can place your content to be displayed. Under the content tab you have two boxes, the Spoken Text for Avatar box and the Display text box.

Description: The spoken text for avatar box is where you can place the content you would like the avatar to read for that slide.

Description: You can add avatar actions by clicking on this box. You can have your avatar look left, right, down, and up. You can also have your avatar pause, smile, laugh, and frown. Simply select your avatar action from the drop down menu and press the "+" button.

Description: The display text box is where you can enter the text you would like to have displayed on the slide when your avatar is speaking. Leave this area empty and do not select "text only" in configuration if you do not want to have text displayed.