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Assessment: Tutoring

Assessment: Tutoring

Description: There are several ways to assess your users. The Tutoring assessment allows you test the user's knowledge through an interactive "essay experience".

Description: For the tutoring assessment type, the seed question is where you ask your general question. This answer to this questions should be able to encompass all of the material covered in the information delivery. 

Description: For each seed question there are four expectations. Each expectation should assess the user's understanding of a major concept covered during the information delivery. The "Summary for expectation" is for the author, so he or she can keep track of the expectation. The "Semantic Answer" box should contain the main terms that would be required to adequately cover this expectation. For better assessment accuracy, this box should only contain the key terms and not words like "the, and, or but, he, she". 

Description: For each expectation, this ITS will provide 4 hints to help the user provide a full answer. If the semantic answers for the expectations are semantically different, then the system will be able to recognize which expectation the user is trying to fulfill. If the user provides an incomplete response to the expectation, the system will provide hints tailored to that specific expectation. 

Description: After the four hints are exhausted for a specific expectation, the system will provide the ideal answer that covers this expectation.