AutoTutor Lite captures Subject Matter Expert knowledge (via an online authoring tool) and presents it as two different value-added tools: a knowledge delivery tool and knowledge assessment tool. The knowledge delivery tool allows for easy presentation of text as verbal content delivered to the learner by an animated agent or avatar. The knowledge assessment component allows developers to easily set up fill-in-the-blank, matching, and multiple choice questions as well as interactive essay responses. These knowledge assessments offer dialog-based verbal interactions and feedback. The interactions and feedback are based on Artificial Intelligence software, thus allowing an individualized learning experience.

AutoTutor Lite is implemented as a client-server application with an Adobe Flash and a server-side semantic engine. AutoTutor Lite can be differentiated from most of other online learning systems in the following aspects:
  • It interacts with learners in natural language with avatars (currently implemented with character builder (
  • AutoTutor Lite is powered by a domain-specific server-side semantic engine,
  • AutoTutor Lite builds a student model based on the Learner's Characteristics Curves (LCC, patent pending) which is derived from individualized assessments of each student.
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